Job Search Goals for 2021

New year, new beginnings. And every year, you always have this mindset of changing your life better than it used to be. Most people set goals for their careers at the start of the year only to give up on them halfway. This is very common these days, especially it’s even harder to achieve them with the pandemic that’s still […]

Importance of a 30-second Video Pitch

Throughout the recruitment process, one key thing that all job seekers look to do is stand out from the competition. What’s written on resumés and cover letters are going to be unique to the candidate but, for the most part, they all look the same or contain the same ideas in them. That is the reason why we believe that […]

How Social Media is Changing Hiring Trends?

Four ways in which social media is changing the way people get hired Casting a wider netCasting a wider net allows you to find the best pool of potential employees. Using social media, companies can use their own social channels to get the word out about jobs in ways they couldn’t before. They can also leverage their social media sites […]

Cover Letter Matters

When applying for a job, there are numerous steps you have to go through. Some steps may be mandatory and some optional, but there is one step that sometimes gets lost (or forgotten) in the digital age that plays a crucial role in the hiring process — the cover letter. This one-pager is a useful tool to provide employers and […]