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Millennials and their Work Ethic

Millennials and their Work Ethic

Since we all possess the ability to think for ourselves, why do we generalize entire generations?

Everyone is their own individual and to judge an entire age demo based off of the actions of a few/many would not be fair. Sadly, neither is the world today and people are forced to adapt to it. Not all bad has been said about millennials and their work ethic but one stereotypes still prominent and many of those entering the workforce have to face it.

Laziness. It’s not fair to throw such a term on an entire generation but yet millennials still receive it. 90,000 Americans were polled and it is said that 59% millennials are motivated by competition. In addition to that, 58% said that they focus on competing with their peers rather than those outside their generation. With that said it is difficult to place such a term on so many individuals. 

Despite these statistics, the perception is still that millennials are lazy. If you’re a millennial entering the workplace, here are some things you can do to show you have a great work ethic.

  • Be a Team Player. Try to integrate the ideas of others into your work. Another thing to help with this is to be friendly and ask for help. People find it flattering when they feel needed and asked for help, therefore don’t be afraid to break that barrier.

  • Asking for constructive feedback is another way to show your employer that you are engaged and interested in improving your performance. You’re letting them know that you want to meet their expectations.

  • Step out of the comfort zone. Take pride in embracing new challenges in the workplace. This isn’t saying to go and be someone that you’re not, but rather to try or not being afraid to try new tasks or opportunities at work. 

  • Try to be a proactive employee and not reactive. When you complete tasks, find something new to do, rather than waiting for your employer’s instruction. Or go and ask them before they can assign it to you.