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Why Hire Millenials?

Why Hire Millenials?

The world we live in today is fast paced and ever changing. With that said, many industries have been forced to adapt with these changes; and that’s not always easy considering all the new technologies and new innovations that have really changed the way we work. 

Companies can re-train employees and try their best to upgrade their skills and meet the changing needs of their businesses, but that may take time. Other companies also consider hiring new employees who have prior experience and can easily adapt to these changes. And who better to hire than those who grew up during those rapid technological changes – Millennials.

Millennials often get stereotyped when going through the hiring process, when in most cases, the things they get labelled for are simply not true. 


MYTH #1: Millennials are lazy.
This myth tops the chart. According to Stats Can (2017), millennials are the most employed group in Canada (86% of 25 – 39). What if we were to turn it around and say millennials are efficient instead of lazy.  Maybe they can just do the same job faster because of their comfort with technology. Tapping into that efficiency and knowledge makes hiring millennials an intriguing choice

MYTH #2: Millennials are entitled.
This is probably tied to the idea that millennials tend to speak their mind and they have strong opinions. These are good traits for employees and should be taken advantage of by employers. Teams, where people are open and honest, makes it easier for companies to see their pain points.

MYTH #3: Millennials need constant praise.
The need for praise is another thing that we often hear about millennials. This again should be flipped and seen as a good trait not a negative. Employers should be constantly giving feedback to their employees. And if it takes millennials in the workforce to foster a feedback-giving environment, then hire more millennials.

MYTH #4: Millennials are hooked on technology.
We could go on like this with a lot of the stereotypes associated with millennials. Employers need to turn those stereotypes into positives, especially the one about millennials being hooked on technology. In an ever-changing world, it’s good to stay connected especially with apps such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc., which are used by 90% of all millennials as of 2020.

The traits employers don’t often identify with millennials are the ones that make them desirable hires. Curiosity and the passion for learning are common throughout this generation, which is something you need especially from a new employee. Millennials are also open and adaptable, which bodes well when starting a new job.

And the most under-appreciated assets of millennials, that make them a great hire, is that they are connected with the times and up to date on current events

So the time is now to hire millennials. When the future is uncertain, the need for flexible, adaptable, connected, curious and hard-working employees is a must. And millennials fit the bill.