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Importance of a 30-second Video Pitch

Importance of a 30-second Video Pitch

Throughout the recruitment process, one key thing that all job seekers look to do is stand out from the competition. What’s written on resumés and cover letters are going to be unique to the candidate but, for the most part, they all look the same or contain the same ideas in them. That is the reason why we believe that a 30- second video pitch is important to include in the hiring process.

Here is an example of a video pitch and what one may look like.

Within 30 seconds, you can speak about whatever you think may be relevant to recruiters. Now picture this in addition to a resume and cover letter. Recruiters will get a real sense of who you are presenting as a candidate. 

This feature is optional but encouraged on our platform. With the state that COVID-19 has left the world in, recruitment has changed forever. In-person interviews are now a thing of the past and recruitment is mostly being done online. The 30-second video pitch can be used to give you that extra boost during the hiring process. The idea is to stand out from the crowd and the 30-second video pitch gives you a chance to show that in your own way.