How Social Media is Changing Hiring Trends

August 8, 2022

People who are looking for work are fully aware that companies are scouring their social media sites to get a better idea of who they are recruiting. But most people would be surprised to know the extent to which HR managers and organizations use social media in the hiring process. Below are four ways in which Social Media is changing the way people get hired.

Group of people on their phones

Casting a wider net

Casting a wider net allows you to find the best pool of potential employees. Using social media, companies can use their own social channels to get the word out about jobs in ways they couldn’t before. They can also leverage their social media sites and connections to blogs and online communities to maximize the awareness of any potential job.

Improving brand awareness

Social media gives you the power to control your brand’s image. Just by being active on social media, it goes a long way because casual browsers and job searchers alike will notice your consistency and online presence. This may potentially make you an attractive company to work for.

Cost effective and efficient

Recruiting through social media is far less expensive than traditional methods (job fairs, newspaper ads). Sites like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Tik-Tok are all free to sign up and you can communicate instantly through their direct messages on social media. And the ability for people to share job postings and extend the reach of the offer costs the employer very little.

Getting personal

If you are someone searching for a job, the image you project on your personal public social platforms is important. But the better you understand how employers are using social media to recruit, the better your odds are at putting yourself in a position to get hired. Most people looking for work these days understand that social media has become a normal part of the hiring process now and it is something that has improved an organization’s chances of finding a good hire.