How to Use Your Relative Inexperience to Your Advantage

September 19, 2022

The equation has been heavily flawed all along. Inexperience does NOT equal ineptitude. Dig right in to turn the tables and translate your inexperience into a superpower.

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Use the “Fresh Perspective” Card

Sure, being experienced is great but sometimes, it can be synonymous with a “narrow focus”. Individuals without specific experience come with the ability to think or view something from different vantage points. For companies looking for creative solutions and fresh viewpoints to problems, inexperience is nothing short of a goldmine! Hunt down ways to stress this element the next time you get on a call with a potential employer.

Start Playing to Your Strengths

Sure, self-doubt naturally seeps in when “experience” was the qualification most employers demanded years ago. Today, however, this couldn’t be farther from the truth. Companies are now shifting the spotlight on less experienced talent that comes with an ocean of fresh ideas, innovative approaches, unbridled enthusiasm, and curiosity that yields real results. So, each time you give an interview, be confident and play to your strengths

Be Enthusiastic

Burnout is an issue that has always plagued workplaces. But with an inexperienced employee, this is rarely a problem. The reason? The possibility of embarking to new, unexplored territory helps them constantly learn and have the enthusiasm to show it. Run thorough research on the company you’re looking to join, hunt down the problems they may be facing, and don’t hesitate to propose your viewpoints. This will not only help you display your skills live to the interviewer but also prove the amount of effort you’re willing to put into your work.

Innovate Your Resume

Here’s a fact: Your resume can make or break your chances of landing that dream job. Remember, your inexperience comes accompanied by innovation. A traditional “sheet of paper” resume can literally look like you’re contradicting yourself!

What you need instead, is a resume that can have your potential employer’s rapt attention. A great visual element that would lay the groundwork for what you can bring to the table if hired.

This is where SeeMeHireMe’s 5D profile comes in. You can use its 5D video pitch to show the employer the “real” you. Work smart by staying on top of all your applied jobs, upcoming interviews, blogs, messages and more within seconds through the launchpad. Lay out your personal narrative through blog(s) or a cover letter. The possibilities are endless!

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