Mental Health Tips During Your Job Search

June 8, 2022

Job hunting, especially during this pandemic, has been very challenging and tough for everyone. Millions of people around the world have been struggling to find a new job. Battling the fear of not knowing when you will ever find a job and your safety amidst the COVID-19 pandemic is more than enough to make anyone feel frustrated, anxious, and hopeless.

Woman stressed out at work

Searching for a job will never be easy. There will be competitions out there that will make you feel like you’re never enough despite your skills and capabilities. Experiencing a whole lot of rejections leaves you with anxiety and stress as well. You must not let those negativities affect you with your job search. There are so many ways to manage your mood better, especially your mental health, during your job search. Remember, you are not alone.

Create a Daily Schedule.

Creating a daily schedule for your job search can help increase your motivation and think positively. You can set aside in the morning to specifically work on upgrading your resume or set a goal of expanding your network by attending virtual events monthly. Having a step-by-step plan with each goal and plan you will be doing each day helps you stay organized and are less likely to get overwhelmed with tasks. By accomplishing small wins each day, it helps you garner more confidence during your job search.

Commit to Self Care.

Searching and applying for jobs become stressful over time. Don’t forget to take a break and look after your health. Take time to rest physically, mentally, and emotionally as much as possible. While getting a job is important, keeping yourself healthy in the process is also an essential long-term investment.

Reach Out for Help.

Job hunting, sending job applications, and getting rejections can take a toll on your emotional and mental health. Remind yourself that it’s okay to ask for help. Turn to your family and friends, and even seek professional help [if needed] to look over your cover letter, practice interview questions with you, or if you need moral support. By talking things through with another person can be an effective way to feel less lonely and ready to take on the next job application.