Prepare for Success: What Are the Most Common Interview Questions Employers Ask?

October 17, 2022

Interview questions get a bad rap, but they are a crucial part of the hiring process. According to SHRM, these questions help employers determine if a particular candidate suits their needs through their responses.

two women interviewing

Interview questions can help you to strut your stuff in front of an employer far more effectively than just your resume. Mastering these questions is well worth the effort. However, the world only has so many questions, and you'll quickly realize when you go to an interview that some questions get recycled. While SeeMeHireMe offers our clients our proprietary 5D profile, they'll still need to answer some of these interview questions. Here's how you approach them.

1.   Tell me about yourself and describe your background briefly

Stories are what interviewers are looking for in this case. Build your story like you would a piece of fiction, with a clear beginning, middle, and end. Ideally, it would help if you focused on the profession you're applying for. So you choose a particular situation that fits the industry you're looking to work in and use it to demonstrate your best features. Combine your education within the field with the things that show you know what you're doing. If you've done something quirky or offbeat within the industry, interviewers love hearing about those kinds of experiences.

2.   Where did you hear about us/this position?

This question's role helps an employer gauge whether you were actively looking for a job or whether you were recommended the position by someone else. They want to know the route you took to end up in front of them interviewing on that day. If you were recommended by someone, make sure you give their name to the recruiter. A common mistake is keeping the person who recommended you for the position to yourself. Additionally, delve into how you know this person. Your interview might carry more weight with the employer if it's a professional contact.

3.   What sort of work environment works best for you?

This question might sound like a trick, but it explores whether you've done your research into the company. It would help if you spent the time researching your potential employers and working out their organizational structure, so you have an idea of what to expect. Your preferred environment should be close to the company's existing hierarchy. For example, consider whether they prefer a flat hierarchy or more autonomy in their employees. These can be helpful things to promote for an employee trying to impress an employer.

Being prepared to answer these (and other) questions will show that you are prepared, which will also indicate that you are more likely to come prepared to work consistently. Moreover, if you are able to engage a potential employer, than you are more likely to leave a lasting impression, which could set you apart from other candidates. So be prepared, and be confident.