The Importance of Cover Letters

June 8, 2022

When applying for a job, there are numerous steps you have to go through. Some steps may be mandatory and some optional, but there is one step that sometimes gets lost (or forgotten) in the digital age that plays a crucial role in the hiring process -- the cover letter.

woman looking at cover letter on computer

This one pager is a useful tool to provide employers and hiring managers with information about your personal qualifications and how they relate to the position being applied for. It's also an opportunity to express why you are interested in working for that particular company.

Some companies place a bigger importance on the cover letter than others, but including it rarely hurts your chances of getting the job so why not do it? If anything it shows the hiring manager that you are even more interested in the position.

The cover letter itself should not just be a repeat of your resume but rather what interests you about the job and why you want to be a part of their team. Below are some key points as to why cover letters are an important part of the job application process and some good information to include in them.

It is your story, told by you. In it you can describe your personal brand, elaborate on your qualifications and what brought you to where you are today. Highlight the qualifications and achievement that mean the most to you.

It grows the relationship between you and the employer. By including a cover letter, should you get called in for an interview, the employer would already have a sense of who you are without having directly met you.

Show how you put forth the effort to research their company. Do your homework and come prepared and show that you care about the position you’re applying for.

Include keywords related to the job in question. It shows employers your attention to detail.