The Power of the In-Person Pitch

September 5, 2022

Since the waves of the pandemic hit the globe, the way recruiters hire talent has changed forever. A large number of companies have now moved their hiring process online. When the overall recruiting process has seen such a massive transformation, why do job seekers continue to stick to traditional (and monotonous) job application methods?

Guy recording a pitch on his cell phone

Employers see the same resumes flocking to their emails every day. With hundreds and perhaps thousands of these resumes, how well does yours have a chance to stand out?

A great way to make yourself stand out in the crowd would be to tap into the power of an in-person pitch such as a 5D video profile by SeeMeHireMe. Read on to know how an in-person pitch can make a massive difference when getting hired.

Makes Your Application More than Just a Sheet of Paper

Creative resumes are great. But at the end of the day, they are “just resumes”. Tapping into an in-person pitch can help your application stand out from a mountain of resumes. The result? Your chances of getting the job increase.

A 5D video pitch helps job seekers create valuable 30-second pitches that shoot up their chances of getting hired, as you give potential employers the chance to get a glimpse of your personality and mannerisms.

Gives You an Edge Over Other Applicants

When there are hundreds and thousands of applications to review, it can sometimes be easy to overlook an individual’s achievements that are perfect for the job.

While a standard application serves its purpose, it fails to leave some much needed impact. An in-person pitch makes you unforgettable among the many candidates who are currently applying for the job you need.

Helps you Display Your Skills Better

Through an in-person pitch, you can showcase your unique personality, creativity, innovation, and communication skills. This will allow your employers to also quickly gauge whether you’re the right candidate for the job.

The Human Touch 

Creating and sharing an in-person pitch creates a foundation of human interaction that is sometimes missing in the regular job-seeking process. When your employers see you introduce yourself, express your enthusiasm for work, and the value you can bring to the table – it helps build a strong sense of credibility. In addition, humans retain visuals more than words. This makes an in-person pitch a critical factor for putting the spotlight on your application.

SeeMeHireMe offers a revolutionary 5D profile system to help candidates like yourself strengthen their applications. Ready to upgrade your application? Get in touch with us now!