Top 10 Resume Writing Strategies

August 22, 2022

Been a while since you updated your resume? Don’t know where to start? Wondering what resume rules and trends are currently working? Can’t wrap your head around which accomplishments and experiences to put into your resume? Your search ends right here. Navigate these 10 (quick) resume writing strategies to land that dream job!

Your search ends right here. Navigate these 10 (quick) resume writing strategies to land that dream job!

Craft a “Master List”

You’ll be tweaking your resume with different information based on different jobs.

Create an outline with everything you’d want on your resume and a single resume template which you’d fill in with all the details.

Finally, copy and paste the details on this template depending on the job you’re applying for.

Put Your Best Foot Forward (Literally!)

Ask yourself: “what first impression would I want to give the interviewer?”

Target the top third of your resume to include your most relevant and best experiences in this section.

Supplement Your Resume

Simply put, you cannot put all the details in a one or two-page resume – especially if you have some visual examples to boast about. Craft a separate document and infuse it with valuable details you can’t place on your resume.

Simplicity is Key

Leave a soothing amount of white space on the sheet, use clean fonts like Helvetica or Arial, and bring your font size between 10 and 12. While simplicity is critical, it’s also important to…

Stand Out

Get creative by including elements like videos, infographics, and presentations. Or, try adding graphics or icons to make it more insightful. You can even make it pop by adding minimal design and perhaps a little color.

Is Your Resume “Skimmable”?

Hiring managers don’t spend too much time on a single resume. Make it easy for them to grab as many details as possible in a minimum span of time.

Keep it Strongly Relevant (and Recent)

Go for quality over quantity. For example, if you have to choose between a college internship and adding more valuable details about your previous job experience – don’t hesitate to aim for the latter. As a rule, include only the experiences that are relevant to the role and ensure they run no further than 10-15 years in the past.

Keyword It All the Way

Keywords are another secret ingredient for a quality resume. Forage the job description, hunt the words that are used the most, and include them throughout the resume.

First Comes the Experience

As a rule, fill in your most relevant work experiences instead before your education (unless you’re a recent college graduate).

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