What’s the Best Way to Hire Top Talent?

September 26, 2022

Starting a new recruitment cycle is certainly an exciting time for any company. There are fresh perspectives to welcome and opportunities to grow further as a team. You want to hire only the ones who share the same drive and values your business is built on. This, however, comes with its own challenges. Between swimming through oceans of resumes to discovering only the “best”, many factors need to be taken into account. Here are some of the best ways to hire valuable talent quickly and efficiently.

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Go For Employee Referrals

The best way to deploy selective hiring is through employee referrals. Tapping into your employees’ networks can be a great way of reaching valuable talent. Employee referrals help cut down on several steps throughout the hiring process. After all, they will be able to gauge whether any of their acquaintances would be appropriate for the job and if they’d make a good culture fit. You can even incentivize your current employees to bring in quality leads at an affordable price by handing out rewards like cash, PTO, or vouchers.

Post On Job Sites Online

Online job sites are one of the most common ways of recruiting talent. Here, you can drop your job posting and potential hires can apply for it through the platforms’ advanced algorithms.

The only catch with online job sites is a never ending train of resumes your company gets flooded with. In addition, after pouring in weeks of your time and plenty of resources, there is no full-fledged surety you would find the right employees. 

To avoid this time-consuming issue, you can… 

Make It Effortless with SeeMeHireMe

SeeMeHireMe was specifically created to help businesses make the recruiting process as effortless as possible. 

But what does SeeMeHireMe offer that other options don’t?

The answer: The possibility of running the entire recruitment cycle in a SINGLE space. This means you no longer need about a hundred platforms to post a job, receive applications, run phone call interviews, follow up on emails, and more.

Instead, with SeeMeHireMe’s fully intuitive platform, you can have the latest overview of everything – from applications received to interviews scheduled – in the launchpad. Your potential hires can even send you a 5D video pitch so you can better determine their suitability for the job. Through its direct messaging feature, you can easily follow up with potential hires. Built-in video interviews, assessments, and blogs are a few of the many other gifts it comes with. If you want your next recruitment cycle to be a breeze, get in touch with us now!