Why Hire Millenials?

The world we live in today is fast paced and ever changing. With that said, many industries have been forced to adapt with these changes; and that’s not always easy considering all the new technologies and new innovations that have really changed the way we work.  Companies can re-train employees and try their best to upgrade their skills and meet […]

Millennials and their Work Ethic

Since we all possess the ability to think for ourselves, why do we generalize entire generations? Everyone is their own individual and to judge an entire age demo based off of the actions of a few/many would not be fair. Sadly, neither is the world today and people are forced to adapt to it. Not all bad has been said […]

Ideal Millennial Candidate

Millennials make up the largest generation in the North American workforce, according to Pew Research and Stats Can. So if employers are looking for new hires, they can’t ignore millennials. But how does an employer find the ideal job candidate from that group? Outside of the obvious of ignoring stereotypes and using social media as a recruiting tool, there are a few things […]